meaning literally 'Gaelic speaking', this region is under the control of Elginn, and corresponds more or less to the modern conception of the Highlands, although Gaelic was spoken throughout much of the Lowlands in 1080 and by 1500 Scots had moved up into the Highlands. The Gàidhealtachd is a somewhat volatile region, since the Kingdom of the Scots is still somewhat in its infancy. In reality, Scotland is a federation of small mormaerdoms (earldoms) under the somewhat nominal control of King Malcolm (the islands in particular will continue on into the rennaissance as a semi-autonomous region under the 'Ri Innse Gall' or 'Lord of the Isles') and as such, the rulers of this treacherous and harsh land will need a firm hand in order to bring them firmly under the control of the King. In addition, the Norwegians have designs on Scotland, and despite the mighty castles of the mormaers and their fearsome galloglaich, they have already managed to take control of many of the surrounding islands including Orkney, Lewis and the Isle of Mann.

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