Ethnic Traits represent the cultural and national identities that characters emerge from. Despite being potentially controversial there is admittedly a very obvious fact that some peoples were more adept at certain skills than others, and this is generally due to their social upbringing and the neccessities of medieval life as well as the effects of community. For instance, Steppe nomads were excellent horsemen and survivors, they could move quickly over vast distances hunting and foraging without the need for logistics, this lifestyle made them adept as raiders but not neccessarily good at defending during a siege (since as nomads they were unlikely to be locked down in that manner). Italians were typically very successful merchants with navigational experience, travelling by sea great distances to many nations making them very good traders.

Therefore based on this logic we have assembled a list of ethnic types linked to every region, so that every character recruited in that region is going to have one of those ethnic types. These ethnic types can also be inherited.

The following list shows all ethnic types with info on their effects and in which region (or during which dates) you can find them>

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